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Join our award-winning company! We work hard, we take care of our people, and we always do what’s right. This is the standard for how we do business. With team values that attract and retain top talent, we ensure that the job gets done and that we have fun doing it.


“At Perlo, we focus on what matters: putting our clients first and hiring the best people in the market.”

Jeff Perala & Gayland Looney, Owners

Bringing over 65 years’ experience and expertise to our people, projects, and partners, we are proud to be one of the leading general contractors in Oregon.

Featured Projects

Stoller Tasting Room Annex

Dayton, Oregon

Marrion Elementary School

Vancouver, Washington

Shriners Hospital Pharmacy

Portland, Oregon

Mahlum Architects

Portland, Oregon

Nuna Baby

Vancouver, Washington

West Coast Self-Storage

Happy Valley, Oregon

“From execution of contract through completion of the project, the Perlo team is on point. Their project leaders are all highly capable professionals.”

Andrew Geisler, Columbia Distributing

The best people in the market

We constantly put our people first, whether that means by celebrating individual differences or by making sure we always create an environment of inclusivity and growth. From our employees in the field and in the office, we have a diverse and expert range of people that make Perlo so special.

A daily conversation

If we can’t do it safely, we won’t do it all. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and is something we take seriously, both on and off the field. We make safety a daily conversation and have built our culture around ensuring that safety is a regular part of how our team conducts work. From changing guidelines and policies to creating an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up, getting our workers home safely at the end of every day is our priority.

Employee Spotlight

Skilled at making clients feel at ease with his level of knowledge and how much he invests on his projects, Kory is an outstanding example of a Superintendent.

Newsroom Post

In today’s episode, we’ll be going over construction of K-12 projects, what makes them so unique, and how to get the best value out of the project for students, staff, and the community alike.

Current Job Openings

A career at Perlo is the door to opportunities in a work environment that feels like family. Check out our latest job postings.