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Women in Construction: Kathi Gehrts, Assistant Project Manager


This week we’re celebrating another woman in construction. Retiring in August of this year, Assistant Project Manager Kathi Gehrts has been with Perlo for over 35 years. Her tenure exceeds nearly everyone in the company, including owners Jeff Perala and Gayland Looney.

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Construction Project Delivery Types


Our physical spaces, whether our homes or our work-places, generally require the services of a general contractor during initial construction, for repairs, remodels or adaptive reuse purposes at some point in the property’s life cycle. The complexity of the project often dictates how an owner proceeds with contractual agreements for their contractor and design teams. It is important for an owner to consider what type of agreement they want with their construction teams before embarking on the project itself. 

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Rebuilding Together in the Time of COVID-19


#rebuildtogether is a support and giving campaign that is designed to help the communities we live and work in during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that a collective effort to sustain and rebuild businesses hardest hit by the measures put in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19 will help everyone in our economy to recover and eventually thrive.

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Women in Construction: A Talk with Kimberly Wood


We had the chance to meet with Kimberly Wood, Director of Corporate Risk Management at Perlo, a woman who has definitely made her mark in this industry. She shared her story about the challenges and victories along the way.

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Healthcare Construction in the COVID Era


Healthcare construction has had a tumultuous last few years, with COVID tossing an extra curveball this year. In this article we take a look at the state of healthcare construction, and share some tips from Perlo’s own Todd Duwe, Director of Business Development and Thomas Quesenberry, Senior Project Manager on what organizations should look for in a construction partner.

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Employee Spotlight: Chris Culbertson


As a lead-by-example kind of teammate, Chris Culbertson rolls up his sleeves and shows you how it’s done – from start to finish. Never one to shrink from a challenge, Chris revamped the estimating processes almost overnight to help the company adapt to our COVID “new normal.” Level-headed, dependable, and “wicked smart,” Chris always makes sure the numbers are rock solid – even if he has to keep working late into the night to get there. He takes calls at all hours and sketches up budgets on used napkins if that’s what’s available. A whiz at his craft, Chris is positive and solutions-oriented. No wonder he’s in high demand. With a great sense of humor and always willing to help, Chris is the best kind of teammate.

How Emerging Technologies Are Revolutionizing Construction


While we will always value and hold true to those “old” ways of commitment to craftsmanship and relationships with people, we are also open to new innovations that can enhance what we do.

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10 Questions with Chris Gregg, Sr. VP of Operations


Perlo puts a premium on people – clients, partners, and most of all, employees. This commitment to culture starts from the top. In this article, Chris Gregg, our Senior VP of Operations, shares his story about what Perlo means to him. He also shares his personal journey to where he is today as well as his perspective about where he thinks the construction industry is headed.

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Spotlight on the Special Projects Group (SPG)


When a tree falls through your roof or a train drives through your building, who are you going to call? What if you just need a small renovation? At Perlo, these situations fall to the Special Projects Group (SPG) and yes, those are real examples!

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Let’s Pull Together


There’s no question that the effects of this pandemic will be hard-hitting and long-lasting. We can give up. Or we can dig in. To get through this challenge, we’ll need to rethink, restore, and rebuild. And we’ll need to continue to pull together as a company and a community. At Perlo, we have a strong culture of connecting our people and our communities. We believe that by doubling down on our efforts to bring everyone together, we can find a way through. In short, we believe that by helping others, we all win.

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Employee Spotlight: Lance Livingston


Lance is a listener who pays attention to the details. He collects and applies knowledge to make sure our workers are safe, clients are happy, and jobs are done right. Through this COVID crisis, Lance has truly stepped up. He proactively re-designed the Amazon jobsite to stay ahead of the curve, thinking on behalf of the client and the company. A steady leader, Lance takes full responsibility for his projects and his crew members. He doesn’t cut corners, especially when it comes to safety. Lance’s co-workers know he will look out for them, no matter what challenge he’s facing.

It’s Up to All of Us to Practice Safety


Perlo is a leader in the construction industry by addressing safety on all fronts – especially through this time of COVID-19. By embedding safe work practices into all of our daily activities, including the extra regulations to protect against the virus, we know that as a company and an industry, we can emerge with improved jobsite practices, strong morale, and healthy crews.

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Mental Health Is Important: Caring for Ourselves Through This Challenging Time


At Perlo, we've always put a focus on safety and wellness. While physical health is obviously important, so is mental health. This aspect of health tends to be talked about a lot less, especially in our line of work. The reality is that our mental health has a massive impact on our daily lives in terms of how we view things and how we interact with the world.

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We Are #PerloStrong Through COVID-19


When we came up with “The Perlo Way,” we had no idea we’d be tested the way we’re being tested now. COVID-19 is the challenge of the century. And yet, we know that by staying grounded in our core beliefs, we’ll get to the other side stronger than ever.

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A Statement From Our Owners


It’s an uncertain time. To uphold the standards of our company and our industry, we're going above and beyond what’s required by the CDC and the state. Our job sites are stocked with hand-washing stations and masks, and our workers are keeping a safe distance. Our driving goal is to make sure Perlo continues to support the lives of hundreds of individuals and their families. We’ve always stood by our people and our community. Now, more than ever, is our time to do what’s right – even in the face of the challenge of the century.

Employee Spotlight: Chris McInroe


Chris McInroe is never not on the go, but he is always intentional. Whether he stops you hustling between meetings to ask how your mom is or is pitching in to sweep the jobsite trailer after an owner's meeting, the guy is always courteous and makes an effort to help better this place every day. In a senior leadership position, he goes above and beyond to connect with everyone he comes in contact with in the most genuine way.

Vancouver Top Projects: 2nd Place in Commercial Projects


The Vancouver Business Journal Top Projects special edition features each year’s most outstanding construction projects. 2019's awards highlighted the exciting new growth in Ridgefield, which is home to nine of this year’s projects and represents more than $111 million in new construction across all categories. A vibrant new mixed-use development anchored by Rosauers grocery store is named the Community Catalyst Project of 2019. Phase one of the development was the 53,000-square-foot grocery store built by Perlo Construction and completed in November 2019.

Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Cook


No problem is too big or too small for Rebecca. Whether a computer stops working, a phone is dropped in a puddle or the AC kicks on in November, Rebecca is there to figure out an answer. A “Jill of all trades,” she always finds solutions to the challenges that meet her every day in the hallway, the stairwell, the conference room or wherever an issue is lurking. Thanks for having a great attitude and making things happen for us, Rebecca.

Perlo Awarded Top Workplace Honors Again in 2020


Perlo landed a spot on both The Oregonian's Top Workplaces and the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon by Oregon Business in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year. All of us who work here know what a great place Perlo is, but it's nice to have public confirmation of that. Our top priority is taking care of our people, and we know that having an inclusive, inviting culture is what helps all of our employees thrive.

Employee Spotlight: George Trice


George knows that keeping it fun is the way to get things done. The site may flood, the power may go out, or the materials may not show up on time, but George makes people laugh so they can keep things in perspective and find a solution. George exudes the family feel that Perlo is all about and his positive energy is infectious. Jokes and pranks aside, George’s unsolicited kindness has been reported by more than a handful of our people. When you’re around George, you can’t help but feel better about yourself and everyone around you. Thanks for always reminding us to have fun, George.