Perlo Cares

When we pay it forward, we all win. We’re committed to making our communities better places for everyone.

At Perlo, we consider it a privilege to support the communities in which we live and work, and we encourage all of our employees to volunteer their time to philanthropic activities. Our internal program, Perlo Cares, supports the connection of committed employees with a drive to volunteer their company time to community organizations by hosting and coordinating a variety of volunteer events throughout the year. From adopt-a-road clean, donating blood or gathering coats and toys for those in need, we make it possible for everyone to get involved—and they do!

Proud Supporters of Our Local Community

By strengthening our ties to the community, increasing our outreach, and paying it forward, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish. Below is just a selection of the organizations that we’ve supported over the years:

“The mindset and vision of Perlo and Perlo Cares and the giving, community awareness and connections is overwhelming in the best of ways. Perlo’s annual outreach, donations, volunteer time and giving are helping make the world a better place.”

Shannon Kmetic

Founder, Angels in the Outfield