2020 Year in Review – Week 3


Week three’s Year in Review brings us to several very unique projects that we completed in 2020. Each included tight working spaces or odd sites, and significant coordination to complete. Take a look at these shining examples of excellent construction: 

Pharmacy Renovations Shriners’ Portland Hospital | Portland, OR

This 643 SF remodel of a fully occupied pharmacy for Shriners Hospitals for Children was completed ahead of schedule in 3 months and over multiple phases. The work included remodeling an existing space and installing new exhaust fans and mechanical systems, as well as a hazardous drug room, ante room, non-hazardous negative pressure and positive pressure rooms and two separate compounding hoods for mixing and compounding drugs onsite.

In addition to coordinating multiple trades and phases in a very small location, one of the largest challenges the project faced was coordinating the installation of the new chiller on the roof. A crane was required to lift the chiller into place, the coordination of which involved Shriners, OHSU and careful attention to placement of the crane to avoid pedestrian traffic and underground tunnels.

Additionally, there was no existing shaft to run the new ductwork and chiller lines directly into the pharmacy. The team had to investigate each floor to find the best path to the roof, spending significant time on the design and installation. These challenges were all overcome with pre-planning and diligence, and a great installation team.

Shriners Hospitals for Children


Structural Engineer
Catena Consulting Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
PAE Engineers

Perlo Team
Jeff Sawyer
Taylor Regier
Christian Rohr
McKayla Marshall

LG Columbia Self-Storage | Portland, OR

The LG Columbia Self-Storage project was made up of two separate 4-story buildings separated only by a 2” seismic gap, totaling 195,000 SF. The basement of one building started at level 3 of the second building. Construction began almost simultaneously with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the united states, challenging the project teams to work together to stay safe and still get the work done. In fact, the project finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

The nature of the building site and design meant plenty of challenges for the project team. Significant time was spent planning the work sequencing, taking into account the fall hazards due to the elevation changes between buildings, completing deep excavations and doing it all on an extremely tight site.

The project makes up one of the largest self-storage facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Please enjoy the time-lapse to see more of the complexities and work flow that brought this project to completion:

Leon Capital

Jordan Architects

Dunaway Associates

Perlo Team
Jeremy Maynard
Jake Hendrix
Eric Huth
McKayla Marshall

Touchmark in the West Hills Vineyard Homes | Portland, OR

This 15,000 SF senior living apartment complex included two high-end, three-story buildings with garages, mechanical rooms and storage areas, luxury kitchens, custom tile and casework, modern furnishings and full-sized laundry rooms. The building structure includes structural steel and concrete with wood framing on all three levels. Each garage includes electric car chargers, and the homes have western facing views from the front and winery views in the back. Appliances included subzero refrigerators and Wolf ranges, among others. Heated tile floors, heated towel racks, heated toilets and bidets are just some of the high-end features.

One site challenge included re-building the hillside behind the development. The work occurred over the winter and included re-sloping the hillside, building rock walls, placing decorative boulders and maintaining the road to the neighboring vineyard.

The initial designs were followed by input from individual unit tenants. These tours led to a high number of changes after construction began, mostly to finishes such as custom tile work, customized doors, intercom systems, custom lighting and plumbing fixtures. The project team fielded questions from the individual tenants on a daily basis, in addition to the residents that lived within the existing complex. Our teams enjoyed the high level of interaction throughout.

These buildings demonstrate the high level of sophistication and finish level that Perlo can deliver. The team worked closely with the design team and ownership teams to deliver the project. These buildings ranked highly with the owner, touted as one of the best finished products they have seen.


LRS Architects

Nishkian Dean

Perlo Team
Thomas Quesenberry
Nick Jones
Rich Kliese
Kayla Davis

This concludes Week 3 in our Year in Review series. Next week brings us to our final look back at 2020’s completed projects. Tune in again for more!