Protecting our people is at the heart of our commitment to safety. At Perlo, safety takes precedence over everything. Bottom line, if we can’t do it safely, we won’t do it at all.

Addressing COVID-19

We have always said that if we can’t do it safely, we won’t do it at all. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to put safety and public health at the forefront with new protocols to maintain safe work sites.

All Perlo employees, subcontractors and individuals at project sites are required to answer the CDC’s pre-screening questions prior to entering the work location, follow social distancing measures, wear personal protective equipment, and are asked to stay home if ill, showing signs of illness or if believed to have been exposed to the virus.

In addition, we have implemented more sanitizing supplies and wash stations to promote ongoing hygiene. Any work tasks that cannot maintain proper social distancing are required to have a job hazard analysis completed, with additional safety measures established and followed. COVID-19 specific compliance audits are frequently conducted at each work location by our team of safety professionals.

From the field to the office

Safety is a practice we take seriously on and off the field. Significant changes in our operations have been established with office staff and field crews to slow the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining little disruption to work flows.

Our office has undergone several retrofits to minimize the spread of germs, including a new temperature screening station, sanitation points, touchless door openers, new air purifiers to the HVAC system in the building and increased cleaning by a professional service.

We understand that the health pandemic can take a toll on the mental health of our employees and have increased mental health support and resources to support our team. We truly believe that by working together, we can positively impact our community and aid in the fight against COVID-19.

“Perlo cares about me as a worker.
But more importantly, they care about me as a person.” 

Amy Cook, Field Safety Coordinator
Perlo Construction

A daily practice.

Safety – for our employees, our subcontractors, our clients, and our communities – is our top priority for all projects we do. Safety trumps everything – including quality and production.

Starting with the leadership team and cascading throughout the organization, we train all of our employees in a culture of safety. No matter the title, every employee is empowered and expected to report unsafe conditions or work practices and to stop work in situations where imminent danger is observed.

We’re proud to have received the Oregon-Columbia Chapter of Associated General Contractor PRIDE Award for commitment to safety for six straight years.

Building a culture of safety.

Our entire leadership team, as well as all Perlo project managers, project engineers, and superintendents are required to enroll in the OSHA 30 training program. All team members study a comprehensive safety manual that clearly outlines how we operate within safety guidelines and then sign a safety policy.

At Perlo, our safety team regularly visits all job sites to assess dangers and to provide ongoing education for superintendents and other site managers. Ongoing “Toolbox Talks” keep all superintendents apprised of OSHA regulations and guidelines, as well as first aid practices such as CPR and AED. The goal of our visits is to “start the conversation” so that all workers can learn more about how to make safety a regular part of how they do work.

Start the Conversation.

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to speak up about safety. Our Start the Conversation campaign creates a platform to encourage conversation and encourage our people to take ownership of their safety on a jobsite. Getting our workers home safe every night is our primary goal.

The culture of safety starts with a conversation. When stakes are high, we can never be too careful. Be part of the conversation and part of the change in paving a stronger path for tomorrow and future generations.

Safety starts on Day One.

Job site safety starts on Day One – whether we’re bringing on a new hire or starting a new project. A key part of our preconstruction, the latest safety practices are incorporated into project planning from the ground up. Every morning at every project, teams gather for a pre-shift safety huddle to review how to protect against potential job site hazards. Safety training extends beyond just Perlo workers.

We also train our subcontractors and empower them to enforce our culture of safety – the key ingredient for an injury-free environment. Other ongoing safety practices include the Superintendent Walk Project where each superintendent walks the job site at least three times a day, a weekly safety meeting, a site-specific safety plan, job hazard analysis and a mandated daily clean-up.