Keeping our people safe is at the heart of what we do. Perlo puts safety first. In the end, if we can’t do it safely, we won’t.

“I appreciate that Perlo is passionate about safety and committed to investing in resources to protect our employees.”

Mars Gracida
Field Safety Coordinator, Perlo Construction

Start the Conversation

At Perlo, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to speak up about safety. Our Start the Conversation safety initiative creates a platform that encourages active conversation and our people to take ownership of their safety on a jobsite. The culture of safety starts with a conversation. When stakes are high, we can never be too careful.

We are committed to ensuring that anyone who steps on a Perlo jobsite understands the safety expectations and feels empowered to reinforce those standards. Regardless of an employee’s title, they have the authority to report unsafe conditions or work practices and can stop work in situations where imminent danger is observed.

A Daily Practice

Safety is a part of our culture. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, clients and communities. We believe in starting the conversation around safety, empowering our employees to report unsafe conditions or work practices, and stopping work in situations where imminent danger is observed.

Other ongoing safety practices include the Superintendent Walk Project where each superintendent walks the job site at least three times a day, a weekly safety meeting, a site-specific safety plan, job hazard analysis and a mandated daily clean-up. Additionally, we hold monthly safety audits and quarterly safety meetings, not because we must, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Building a Culture of Safety

Our entire leadership team, including executives, Perlo project managers, project engineers, and superintendents are required to enroll in the OSHA 30 training program. In addition, all team members study a comprehensive safety manual that clearly outlines how we operate within safety guidelines and then sign a safety policy. We stay engaged in safety best practices and continually participate in nationally recognized memberships such as the AGC, SafeBuild Alliance, CSS, and more.

At Perlo, our safety team regularly visits all job sites to assess dangers and to provide ongoing education for superintendents and other site managers. We keep the conversation going with our ongoing “Toolbox Talks” to keep all superintendents apprised of OSHA regulations and guidelines, as well as first aid practices such as CPR and AED.

All Perlo Project Managers and Site Supervisors are OSHA-30 Certified

Proud to support local safety organizations and committees

Oregon AGC Health & Safety Council

Members of the council share ideas, provide educational opportunities, and discuss problems affecting the safety and well-being of employees throughout the industry. The council also provides resources to promote a safety and health culture within the construction community.

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Oregon OSHA Construction Advisory Committee

The group’s mission is to address safety issues affecting the construction industry. The committee works with other organizations involved in the industry’s safety efforts, keeping them informed so that all can work toward the common goal of preventing workplace injuries and illnesses.

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Oregon Construction Safety Summit

Their mission is to enhance the construction industry’s safety performance in the greater Portland region, by sharing successes and best-known practices toward ensuring the common goal that workers arrive home safe, contribute to this endeavor, and attain a higher level of safety in construction.

Safety Audits

Here at Perlo, we do things differently. We see our weekly safety audits as opportunities for training and growth, not simply as a means for a perfect score. Our goal is to partner with our workers and always be a safety resource to them. We choose to seek to understand and ask questions. The safety auditors take a personal approach to discussing problems with employees on the spot so they can be resolved.

Each site is inspected for nearly everything, including smaller items, such as being kept clean and organized, to the larger and more serious such as fall and hazard protections and PPE compliance.

Safety Committee

Our Safety Committee meets monthly to ensure we keep the conversations going about safety concerns and regulations. Attending members include Executives, Project Managers, Superintendents, Foreman and several cross-departmental coordinators. We treat our committee meetings as opportunities for growth and learning.

“From my experience in the construction industry, I understand the risk involved in our trade. That’s why I am excited about the opportunity to lead Perlo’s Safety Committee this year to further engage our field crews, and to promote a personal commitment to safety both on the job site and beyond”.

Jeff Hankins

Senior Manager, SPG and Perlo Safety Committee Chair

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Perlo’s Keys to a Safe Jobsite


We adhere to the statement that “a clean jobsite is a safe jobsite” on all our projects. Trash and debris are picked up daily and materials are organized and stored to ensure efficient and safe incorporation.

Proper PPE

All Perlo employees and subcontractors on site are required to wear appropriate PPE. Visitors, including owners and project team members, are also required to wear appropriate gear.


Continued Education

Continuing safety education is delivered prior to and during each project. Our safety team utilizes weekly Toolbox Talks to emphasize safe work practices and ensures all employee certifications are up to date.

Drug Free Workplace

Perlo utilizes every reasonable means to maintain a drug-free work environment for its employees, including substance testing to detect use of illegal substances prior to employment.