Our people are the foundation for our success. We focus on providing our employees with an environment where they can thrive and cultivate long-lasting relationships. Our people are our greatest asset and constantly embody “The Perlo Way”.

The Perlo Way

We work hard, we take care of our people, and we always do what’s right.

These are the words that guide us. Plain and simple, it’s how we do business.

Perlo Practices

Do what's right.

Solutions show up as problems.

Everyone empties the trash.

To be heard, you have to say something.

Success isn't a straight path.

Stay hungry.

Learn by listening.

Find the common ground.

Finish strong.

Make it fun.

Employee Spotlight

Jacki Williams | Payroll Manager

For more than 25 years, Jacki Williams has been an exceptional force at Perlo as the Payroll Manager. She is a dedicated worker who shoulders a relentless workload, often putting in extra hours to ensure tasks are completed. Jacki consistently goes above and beyond her assigned duties, and no one holds themselves to a higher standard. Her loyalty, reliability, and kindness are unparalleled, though she would never boast about it. Despite her humility, everyone who works with her feels incredibly fortunate to have her on their team. She takes a genuine interest in every employee, making an extra effort to learn about them as individuals. Jacki cares deeply about giving back to the community, supporting veterans, and is a true advocate for equality.

“Perlo is a place where individuals have the ability to soar as high as they want to. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been encouraged to run with a new idea, been helped along the way and found success.”

Elissa Looney

Director of Strategic Initiatives

“I started at Perlo as a PM in the office, but preferred to be out in the field. Upper management was awesome about working with me and helping me achieve my goal of becoming a Superintendent.”

Kyncade Hardy


“Perlo has a very selfless culture. Everyone here is genuinely interested in your personal growth. I came here as an intern and they have taught me everything I know about managing construction projects. You just need to come here with an open mind and a willingness to learn.”

Jean Rwandika

Project Manager, SPG

We play together to stay together

We’re proud of our award winning culture