2023 Year in Review Week 1


As 2023 draws to a close, we are continuing our tradition of using this space to highlight the amazing work our teams have engaged in over the course of the year. We would like to take a moment to reflect on the fantastic projects our team has accomplished.  In the next few posts, we will highlight some of the different market sectors, building challenges, and unique builds we worked on this year.

Perlo’s 2023 portfolio showcased a diverse range of fun, essential, and groundbreaking projects. From self-storage in Tukwila, Washington to a 100-year-old theater in our own backyard in Portland, Oregon, we jumped feet-first into new states and new sectors. Even our famous tilt-up construction broke new barriers at Burnt Creek Logistics in Vancouver, Washington, which boasted nearly 700,000 square feet. If it needs building, improving, or expanding, our team can apply their versatility and adaptability to make it happen.

This week, we’re delighted to review our recent sports and entertainment projects. These businesses provide captivating experiences for audiences, and top of the line products for consumers to enjoy. Our teams worked closely with clients, architects, and designers to overcome specific challenges at each building, and we’re proud to say that the results were outstanding!

Tomorrow Theater

Covering nearly 9,000 SF, this unique revitalization project for the Portland Art Museum was completed by our Special Projects Group. Originally built in 1925 as a vaudeville space, the theater’s history includes hosting art house films, Spanish-language films, and most recently, was known as the Oregon Theater. Renovating the space included unique and artfully selected features such as blue marble countertops, a mirrored feature wall, and new custom seating. An important aspect of the project was paying homage to its past by displaying the original Oregon Theater sign.

This new space will now serve a variety of purposes including immersive theater experiences, Portland Art Museum programming, and a community event space. Working in a nearly 100-year-old building has its challenges. The owners requested the original wall tiles be saved and incorporated into the new design; however, during construction we discovered they were hollow terracotta which prohibited any mounting fixtures from being applied. This required our teams to hang everything in the theater itself from the ceiling; a task which necessitated specialty engineering. Now open, the theater has already been host to several events and will continue to be a staple to the community for many years to come.   

Additional scope included:

  • Grinding and sealing 4,000 SF of theater space
  • Installing almost 300 seats
  • Installing custom concessions façade, countertops, and food service equipment
  • Installing specialty fixtures including custom tiling, artisanal lights, and multiple art pieces

“Our family operated the former Oregon Theater between 1967 and 2020 and we are thrilled to see its reinvention…What was a fairly plain neighborhood theater has now been transformed into a work of art,” – Letter to the Editor, The Oregonian

Perlo Team

Joe Sprando | Project Manager, SPG

Bryan Esler | Superintendent

Kathy Ohannessian | APM

Antonio Gonzales | Field Safety Coordinator

Torry Worthey | Subcontractor AP Specialist

Brookwood Sports Complex

An interior and exterior renovation of a former manufacturing facility brings a new outlet for volleyball enthusiasts in Hillsboro. This project created a private volleyball club with seven courts, an athletic training area, private offices and team meeting areas, and all new restrooms. This change of use renovation triggered upgrades related to seismic, ADA access, energy code compliance, as well as landscaping.

The court area features fully furred perimeter walls with impact padding below 6-feet and Cardinal Complete acoustical panels above, all new high-bay LED lighting, and sport court flooring. Again, completed by our Special Projects Team, this work highlighted our ability to engage in preconstruction, to adapt to onsite conditions that required changes and persist in delivering a great community space.

“The site came with a lot of challenges. Fully changing the use of the building required a long list of upgrades. But the team on site was fantastic and handled everything, even as unknown conditions were uncovered as we built new facilities.” – Kathleen Buono, Senior Project Manager

Additional features include:

  • Leveling and preparing for 28,000 SF of sports court flooring
  • Roof modifications including maintenance, patching, and skylight installation
  • New build-out of athletic facilities such as training rooms, meeting spaces, and updated bathrooms

The project was an overwhelming success. Perlo was given the opportunity to perform all of the subsequent tenant improvement projects, and now both buildings are  is fully leased. Another great project for Perlo!

Perlo Team

Kathleen Buono | Senior Project Manager, SPG

Joe Kane | Superintendent

Gary Cox | Foreman

Kathy Ohannessian | APM

Alli Strand | Subcontractor AP Specialist

Evergreen Aviation Conference Center

Breathing new life into the Evergreen Aviation campus, this project was a renovation of the existing office and storage space located in their IMAX Theater building. Among the updates were new meeting rooms, restrooms, finishes, and an upgraded HVAC system.

A major component of this project was installing a new exit stairway accessible from each floor of the building, which required cutting through two floors and tying into the existing steel structure as well as extending the exterior loading dock. As the Evergreen Aviation campus continues to expand, we were proud to be a part of this newest adaptation to bring community together.

Features include:

  • Conference room updates of space and fixtures
  • Addition of multiple stairways and shafts
  • Updating HVAC system for 42,000 SF of conference space

Perlo Team

Thomas Quesenberry | Vice President | Partner

Mike Lutz | Superintendent

Levi Anderson | Foreman

McKayla Marshall | APM

Mike Souder | Safety Manager

Final Thoughts

When you welcome customers and employees to your space, it’s important to make them feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the experience and participate with ease. At Perlo, we understand the importance of people in creating a positive environment, and we are proud to help companies and organizations achieve a harmonious balance between place and space.

Our team has extensive experience in industrial safety and manufacturing precision, and we use this expertise to help sports and entertainment venues outperform their competitors with open design concepts and industry-leading safety measures. No matter the size of the job, whether it’s a locker room update or a brand-new auditorium build-out, we are committed to delivering exceptional results as we continue to expand our services into these sectors and beyond.