2023 Year in Review Week 2


As we continue with our 2023 review, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite food, beverage, and retail spaces. Our highly skilled teams take pride in their ability to adapt to any project and bring their creativity to the table. We understand that retail locations require a unique touch, and we are committed to bringing our highly-regarded abilities to produce exceptional results.

These spaces require a distinct level of finesse, on-the-fly transitioning, and landscaping work that is not typically needed for some commercial spaces. Whether it’s a small boutique or a large distribution center, we approach each project with the same level of dedication and attention to detail.

Moreover, these specialty projects are not just functional; they also create fun and engaging environments for the community. By helping clients bring to life designs with practical layouts, high-end fixtures, and customizable features, we strive to make these locations a destination for people to gather, socialize, and enjoy. We love blending functionality and aesthetics to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also highly practical.

Vinovate Custom Wine Services

Vinovate’s new 24,000 SF facility features a gravity fed fermentation room that is 8-feet below the crush pad level along with a refrigerated fruit chilling room, three temperature-controlled barrel rooms, a bottling line room, and a two-story laboratory and office space build-out. Vinovate is a unique winery that operates differently from traditional wineries. Instead of producing wines for direct sale to customers, Vinovate is a custom crush facility that produces wines for smaller winemakers, who in turn distribute these products to their clients.. Once production begins, the winery will be capable of producing 40,000 cases of wine annually.

Specific to the construction, this rural site required all new well water storage and treatment systems, process wastewater treatment facilities, sanitary drain fields, and coordinating a new 480v 3-phase power supply with the local utility companies. Our team coordinated all of the tank and catwalk layouts along with the glycol chiller and associated piping, as well.

Additional features include:

  • 3,500 SF bottle crushing facility
  • Glycol chemical and cold room storage
  • Vineyard processing support such as new wastewater treatment, solar panels, and irrigation system

“I can’t say anything but great things about Perlo and their team that I’ve been working with on our winery project. I’ve built multiple wineries and tasting rooms during my career and this by far has been the most positive experience because of how professional Perlo is and how they are able to make these larger projects happen on tight timelines.” – Bryan Weil, Managing Partner/Winemaker

Perlo Team

Jake Jensen | Senior Project Manager

Kane VanDyke | Project Engineer

Josh Kelly | Superintendent

Demetrio Garcia Arias | Foreman

Crystal Bentley | Senior APM

Brandon Brooks | Field Safety Coordinator

Alli Strand | Subcontractor AP Specialist

Breakside Brewery – Beaverton

The new Breakside Brewery location marked Perlo’s first taproom and partnership with a brewery. Breakside Brewery‘s new location in Central Beaverton started as a small parcel of land for a food cart pod, but soon expanded to include the former furniture store next door. As with many adaptive reuse projects, the nearly 50-year-old building came with several surprises, not the least of which included splintering window frames occurring during paint prep. Luckily, our crew was able to self-perform the reframing of the windows without losing any of the original glass.

The newly renovated space boasts an interior bar with seating, a lounge area, restrooms, an event space, multiple fireplaces, and outdoor seating surrounded by landscape planters. The taproom has direct access to the food cart pod and seating area. Future plans include installing a converted shipping container that will serve as a kitchen and outdoor bar space adjacent to the building.

We were able to bring our experience with large-scale refrigeration to the taproom and back-of-house cooling system for a seamless experience. It was nice to work with such a Portland icon like Breakside, and potentially building a lasting relationship for future local breweries. – Kathleen Buono, Senior Project Manager

Additional features include:

  • Custom tasting room with high-end finishes and cold storage
  • Concrete floor modifications to provide level floor areas
  • Renovations made off an existing shared wall owned by a separate building

The project was an overwhelming success. Perlo was given the opportunity to perform all of the subsequent tenant improvement projects, and now both buildings are  is fully leased. Another great project for Perlo!

Perlo Team

Kathleen Buono | Senior Project Manager, SPG

Ray Caswell | Superintendent

Tyler Broderick | Foreman

Reygan Pattullo | APM

Antonio Gonzales | Field Safety Coordinator

Brandon Brooks | Field Safety Coordinator

Englund Marine – Eureka

This new 15,700 SF stand-alone retail facility on California’s Northern Coast features a standing seam metal roof with a unique concrete panel structure for repeat client Englund Marine & Industrial Supply. The building includes warehouse, retail, and office space along with a loading dock with overhead doors. Three bioretention facilities were added to handle stormwater prior to connection to the city storm system


As the 6th facility that Perlo has completed for Englund Marine, , our teams were able to offer continual improvements by reviewing the previous projects to ensure the new store aligned with the other locations. As a coastal facility, particular attention is paid to the specific environmental concerns that these geographic locations require. Proper waterproofing, weatherproofing and drainage are just a small part of the quality control processes involved in this type of work.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the Englund team. They very much have a family-focused feel, which not only resonates with me personally, but also Perlo as a whole. Everyone who comes onto the projects wants to come back and work with them again. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next.” – Devin Koopman, Vice President | Partner

Features include:

  • Waterfront property developed with low impact soil and landscaping
  • All-in-one facility with warehouse, loading docks, office space, and retail storefront
  • 3-acres of mass grading required prior to construction

Perlo Team

Jacob Leighter | Senior Project Manager

Ray Caswell | Superintendent

Tyler Broderick | Foreman

Jadyn Bentley | APM

Torry Worthey | Subcontractor AP Specialist

Final Thoughts

Retail spaces are never just one thing. They often have to function as a manufacturing floor, an office, a dining room, a warehouse, and an event space. Being able to seamlessly tie these all together is essential to creating a comfortable and efficient environment for clients, employees and guests. Our project teams prioritize communication and creative problem-solving when building food, beverage, and retail locations to find this balance.

If you’re considering a new facility of this nature, contact our teams today. We’re ready to build for you!