7 Questions with Chris McInroe, Perlo’s Latest Executive


Chris McInroe started at Perlo Construction as an intern and was offered a position as a field engineer after graduating from Oregon State University in 2008. Over time, he achieved several promotions and was most recently promoted to Vice President, joining the Executive Leadership team. Known for his strong work ethic, critical thinking and cool head during challenges, Chris has been responsible for managing some of Perlo’s largest projects.

Today, we’re getting to know Chris just a little bit better.

1. What was your first project at Perlo, and your favorite memory of it?

It was a 150,000 SF concrete tilt-up building in Wilsonville, Oregon. Rockwell Collins was the tenant. They make aviation displays and needed a unique space with clean rooms, labs, and manufacturing areas. I worked with John Huddleston, who was the Superintendent on that project. It was a huge tenant improvement in an existing building, especially relative to what we were typically building out at that time. Most of our TI’s were much smaller than that. The large magnitude of that project and getting exposure to the lab rooms was really fun.

2. What has surprised you most about Perlo in the last 10 years?

Our growth. As fast and as big as we’ve gotten–it’s been awesome. I think that has happened because we have great people and with that comes great results.

Also, it’s impressive how we’ve adapted to the technological changes and implementing new processes. When I started, we were still faxing things. It’s crazy how fast things change, but Perlo has always been good at staying cutting-edge. We used to take plans, redline them, take them to a copy shop, and then fax or courier them over. Now we have the latest software for all that, digitally sending everything. We’re virtually paperless and that’s improved efficiencies and reduced waste significantly.

3. What kind of vision for the company in your new role?

My main focus is on continued growth and expanding our market share, but in smart and sustainable ways. Potentially expanding geographically. We’ve got an amazing reputation and are known for maintaining relationships and creating quality buildings. I think it’s important that we never get too comfortable and lose those roots.

4. On a more personal note, what do your kids think you do for work?

They would say that I build stuff and have a cool office with ping pong and shuffleboard.

5. Tell us about your work as an author.

I’ve got a couple of project books that I work on as a hobby, it’s something completely different from work and very challenging for me.  I’m just trying to get better at it with each book. I think it’s cool to use your imagination to create something, rather than rely on other platforms. 

6.What advice do you have for aspiring leaders or trailblazers in this industry?

Get exposure through internships to different companies and find the right fit. Find a company that aligns with your goals. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you; take it. Be self-disciplined, and self-motivated and understand you’ll have to work much harder in the early portion of your career. It gets easier, but you’ve got to be competitive in everything you do.


7. Anything else you’d like to share?

The people here are different in a unique way. We’ve got a special thing going on. I believe we’ve got the best talent in the industry. On top of that, there’s a lot of cross-collaboration between teams which leads to results, you don’t feel like you’re on an island here. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m beyond excited to find out!

Final Thoughts

Chris, congratulations on your new role! Thank you for sharing more about your journey with Perlo and construction management.

Perlo is hiring. If you’re looking for your next career opportunity, check out our Careers page for current openings.