Doubling Down on Staying Local


Companies in our business often grow and then sell to national or even international corporations. These large, sprawling businesses operate from distant headquarters and enter local towns with little investment in the people or the surrounding community. Gayland Looney and Jeff Perala, long-time owners of Perlo, wanted to make sure that would never happen. They realized the best way to keep the company local was to invite the Executive Team into the ownership fold.

These executives are:

Jeff Fisher
Chris Gregg
Senior VP of Operations
Chris McLaughlin
VP of Preconstruction Services
Devin Koopman
VP of Construction Services
Todd Duwe
VP of Business Development

“Creating the new ownership structure took many months,” says Gayland. “But we knew it was worth the effort. We wanted to make sure the long hours, the tough decisions, and the day-in-and-day-out grit that Jeff and I have put in over the past 30 years resulted in a company that would stay rooted in our community.”

Chris McLaughlin agrees. “The best thing about this transition is that it means we’re staying local. We’re not selling out to a company from outside the area.”

Digging into the Perlo Way.

Our culture and our legacy are what make Perlo, Perlo. As stated in the Perlo Way: We work hard, we take care of our people, and we always do what’s right.

Jeff Perala elaborates. “This transition is an exciting path to the future. We knew that bringing our executive leaders onto the ownership team was an important step for preserving what Gayland and I treasure most about what we’ve built.”

Putting People First.

Perlo is a place where employees work for years, sometimes even decades. Why? Because our people always come first.

“After working for a large, international construction company, I learned first-hand why it matters working for a company that’s truly invested in their employees,” explains Jeff Fisher. “Once I came on board with Perlo, I knew this was my home.”

“I’m so lucky to work at a place where some of my best friends are,” adds Chris McLaughlin. “I enjoy the work, but it’s the people I enjoy most.”

A Company Built on Relationships.

Perlo looks at every project as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients, partners, and co-workers.

“It’s exciting to see the types of projects we’re getting involved with,” says Jeff Fisher. “But at the end of the day, we’re in the business of building relationships.”

A Path to Continued Innovation.

The ownership expansion is the next chapter in the growth of the company. Perlo is becoming known in the industry for building state-of-the-art medical facilities and other complex projects. Clients and partners appreciate Perlo’s forward-looking approach that taps into new technologies and increased efficiencies.

“This ownership expansion allows for more ideas,” says Chris Gregg. “Perlo is about quality work, but it’s also about innovation. That’s what’s driving our growth.”

Staying ahead of the curve is good for business – and it’s also great for bringing in dynamic talent. “We’re growing, which provides good opportunities for our people,” shares Todd Duwe. “At Perlo, we encourage everyone to develop into their full potential.”

A Door to Tomorrow.

Perlo has been around for 50 years. The future looks bright for the next 50 years.

“This is exciting,” says Devin Koopman. “And now it’s our job to keep the dream alive for everyone in the company.”

Gayland adds, “What always drove us was creating a company that would stand the test of time and be a home for our people and their families. I’m just so proud of everyone who’s been a part of this journey.”