Giving Thanks in 2022


A pinch of this, a dash of that, a dollop here and a spoonful there. Every recipe has its measurements that create perfect dishes that are guaranteed to delight the palette and satisfy the soul. But, in every recipe, there is always that certain something that really makes it special.

As we prepare for another Thanksgiving holiday and plan our dinners with friends and family, we can’t help but think about what makes us special here at Perlo Construction. What is our secret ingredient?

It’s our people.

The extraordinary men and women who all bring their own individual flavors that, when they’re mixed, create a masterpiece! This Thanksgiving as we pile on the turkey with all the trimmings and enjoy a post-meal nap, we will remember that it’s not just the pumpkin pie, the stuffing or the cranberries that make the day complete.  It is the special people sitting next to us that are that secret ingredient. Together, we’re whole.

This year, we wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and we are grateful for those that make Perlo the best General Contractor in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you!