Lipman Produce
A new refrigerated produce facility built for America's largest field tomato grower completed inside the Gateway Corporate Center previously built by Perlo.
  • Location: Gresham, Oregon
  • Architect: Mackenzie Architects
  • Owner: Lipman Family Farms

Completed on a fast-track schedule to allow Lipman to move-in before the lease on their previous facility expired, this new refrigerated produce facility features IMP walls and ceilings to create seven cooler zones.

Perlo crews also installed nearly 30 pieces of custom equipment for sorting, de-stemming, labeling, packaging and boxing produce for shipment. Prior to move-in, our team audited Lipman’s previous facility and designed the 120-foot-long processing line with optimal locations for electrical connections.

Additional features include large condenser roof units, a steel mezzanine with a view of the processing line, and a 3,500 SF office.