Vinovate Wine Services: More Than Just a Winery


Since 1956, Perlo Construction has completed over 170,000 square feet of winery space, and we continue to partner with some of the most innovative and exceptional leaders in the wine industry to create exquisite and modern buildings that last the test of time. Our latest in-progress winery project for the Owners, Vinovate Wine Services, is no exception. Vinovate is a community-focused custom crush winery capable of producing 40,000 cases of wine annually. They purchased 66 acres of land from local owners who wished for it to be used agriculturally due to the rich volcanic and sedimentary soils and surrounding residential homes.

In this post, we will explore the symbiotic and community building relationship this winery project has become for the community of Newberg, Oregon.

Architect’s rendering of completed project.

Eco-Friendly Methods for Wine Production

Vinovate’s winery, which will be completed by Harvest 2023, has become a symbiotic project involving community, collaboration, and eco-diversity. The Owners, Rob Townsend, Pamela Turner, Bryan Weil and Scott Baldwin, came to Perlo to help bring their 24,000 square foot steel framed dream to life.

The site’s unique features presented opportunities for our team to be creative and continue the Owner’s vision of a first-class, eco-friendly project. Some of these features include the position and angle of the site–which is east-facing. This positioning provides better protection against wildfires, and the stratified volcanic and sedimentary soils beneath are perfect for growing agricultural crops—especially pinot-noir grapes.

“Wines made from grapes grown in volcanic soils can have varied and complex flavor profiles.”

The site’s sloped position also means that it doesn’t have to be irrigated. The Owners are utilizing eco-diverse methods of rainwater harvesting and processing of wastewater to reuse for onsite landscape irrigation and farm equipment cleaning. In conjunction with the eco-friendly theme, Perlo has also focused on early erosion control by planting seeds to keep the soil intact and greenery lush by the time of opening.

Why volcanic soil?
“Soils that have formed where there is a lot of activity from volcanos often have special chemical properties. They are often very rich in nutrients and hold water well because of their volcanic ash content. These soils are called Andisols, and they are often very young, and acidic depending on which type of volcano they come from.”

Symbiotic Relationship Within the Neighborhood

Our project and jobsite teams have built dedicated, trusting relationships between the Owners and surrounding neighbors. This has led to a symbiotic environment for everyone involved. Vinovate’s core focus is on building community and helping small, boutique winemakers expand their reach. Perlo Superintendent Josh Kelly knows the neighbors by name and has addressed any concerns with them every step of the way; “We’ve been keeping the roads clean and working with the neighbors on adjusting our morning hours, and where our lights are during construction so they aren’t being bothered”, a true permeation of trust seeping through.

Additionally, since the site must be upgraded to accommodate the new electrical load, three-phase power will be installed up Worden Hill Road and allow for future opportunities for more businesses to come in. This project has created the infrastructure for more growth, including for other wineries to expand their power grid – an option that was not previously available to them without significant expense.

“I’ve been working with Perlo on this winery project for almost two years now and can’t say anything but great things about the company and team of employees I’ve been working with. I’ve built multiple wineries and multiple tasting rooms during my winemaking career and this by far has been the most positive experience because of how professional Perlo is and how they are able to make these larger projects happen on tight timelines. I would highly recommend Perlo.”

Brian Weil | Owner

Overcoming the Odds

Despite many ongoing successes throughout the project, our project and job-site teams had to overcome several challenges. These included coordinating the following:

  • Expedited pre-engineered metal building design & procurement,
  • Upgrading power from single-phase to three-phase
  • New on site well water treatment, storage, and pumps,
  • New septic treatment system & leach field,
  • New process wastewater treatment system & sprinkler field,
  • Solar panel coordination with electrical gear and utility companies,
  • Wine processing equipment,
  • Sloped concrete floors and concrete retaining walls throughout,
  • Delayed permitting, pushing the project to start during extreme winter weather conditions that included snow, wind, and heavy rains.

Regardless of the challenge, Perlo prides itself on taking problems and finding solutions. As a result, we maintained schedule and completed our pours with strategic timing regarding weather conditions and careful planning. We also helped the Owners and Subcontractors navigate the electrical gear shortage with our deliberate pre-planning and scheduling process.

Final Thoughts

Perlo has built a name for itself as a top local winery construction firm. Our extensive resume in this market gives us a unique look into the scope of the work and its potential challenges before shovels hit the dirt. Each project has unique needs and design aspects; likewise, each client has different preferences and styles. At Perlo, we don’t just build for our clients; we partner with them and take as much pride in the result as they do.

Our teams know how to deliver to our clients the superior projects they envision within their budget and schedule. If you need a best-in-class commercial contractor to build your next winery project, give us a call.