2021 Year in Review – Week 3


Perlo is well known for our industrial portfolio and larger projects across the Pacific Northwest. However, a lesser-known but important part of our business includes tenant improvements and repairs by our Special Projects Group (SPG) team. What started off as small department focused on helping existing clients with minor building repairs has grown into a multi-million-dollar business, and a crucial part of our fabric that allows us to truly service the full lifecycle of our clients’ businesses. Our Special Projects Group will complete nearly $20 million in small projects in 2021 alone, ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to several million.

Today, we’ll look back at several of Perlo’s tenant improvement projects completed this year. 

Nuna Baby TI

This two-story tenant improvement included 13,000 SF of upgraded space, including offices, an employee fitness room, warehouse upgrades and restrooms, as well as the installation of a new elevator. The mezzanine space required new footings, steel columns and brace frames. The finishes for this project included raised shaker-style cabinet doors with custom colors in the kitchen, a butane-fueled fireplace in the break room, custom wall paneling and ceiling tiles, and a living plant wall in the entryway.

The open-to-structure ceiling and large windows installed between the office and warehouse on both levels to view production yielded a unique, modern-industrial feel. In addition to the unique finishes, the team coordinated closely with the tenant’s IT team, which attended nearly every weekly meeting. The project included a robust server room with a raised floor, Liebert cooling system and a specialty Novec Clean Agent fire protection system.

Nuna Baby occupied a core and shell space that Perlo initially constructed. With a 6-month schedule duration for the TI and a completion date of June 30th for a grand opening celebration, the team was challenged by delays in permitting due to COVID protocols in the city. Perlo Project Superintendent, Brent Schmitz, maintained his relationships with the local building inspectors to move forward with some elements of construction ahead of permit issuance. While the permit was delayed by approximately two months, our team was able to make up about one full month of time and finish by the desired completion date.

Additional project challenges included phasing the work to achieve a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy so that the tenant could occupy the fitness area and warehouse while the remainder of the work took place. Our team successfully navigated the warehouse traffic, including racking installation, forklift operators, and other activities throughout construction.  

Perlo’s crews self-performed a variety of elements, including:

  • Concrete footings
  • Doors, frames and hardware installation
  • Miscellaneous accessories installation, including art and décor
  • Miscellaneous wood framing

Perlo’s relationship with Nuna Baby continues as they look forward to expanding into the remainder of this building and an additional building located next door. 

As Project Manager, Nick David says,

“We really built up a trusting relationship with the owners and tenant. All sides maintained great communications, and they trusted us to build it right. There were changes on the fly that required us to be flexible, and the collaboration and trust amongst all team members really made it all work.”

Perlo Team

Chris McInroe | Project Director

Jeff Hankins | Senior Project Manager

Nick David | Project Engineer

Brent Schmitz | Superintendent

Kathy Ohannessian | APM

BOGS Footwear TI and Spec Suite 125 at Custom Blocks

These two tenant improvements started in July of 2021 and completed the interior build-out of the Custom Blocks space in Portland, Oregon. Comprising of BOGS footwear and an additional speculative space, the two projects were done in just ten weeks and aimed for finishes that achieved a clean, industrial-modern look. With polished concrete floors, a wood base, exposed wood-structure ceiling, and white Timely frames with wood doors, the BOGS TI included approximately 100 lineal feet of custom wood and steel shelves made from vertically laminated 2 x 4’s.

The build-out also included:

  • Four (4) private offices
  • One (1) conference room
  • A break room
  • A large open office area
  • Collaboration spaces

While both projects were relatively smooth, material lead times were a significant challenge. With a short project duration, lead times of eight weeks on materials such as glass, doors, frames, and appliances were critical. To prevent delays on the glass, the team worked with the frame and glazing suppliers to custom order each piece to match in lieu of the standard field measure following frame installation. Appliances had an eight-week lead time, but along with much of the United States, shipping delays caused these to be delivered even later than expected. 

Perlo has now completed five (5) tenant improvements within this building, including the Roundhouse TI, Mahlum TI, SAXX TI, and finishing with the BOGS and Spec Suite TI’s.  Prior to these tenant improvements, the building was used as a stamping mill. The owner has maintained many unique features that demonstrate the building’s history within their renovations.

Senior Manager of Special Projects Group, Jeff Hankins, noted that,

“the respect for the history of the building and the components that the owners chose to leave was neat to see. We really enjoyed how unique these projects turned out, even though the build-outs were relatively simple.”

Perlo Team

Jeff Hankins | Senior Project Manager

Brent Schmitz | Superintendent

McKayla Marshall | APM

Salem MAT Clinic TI

This renovation project created an updated drug treatment clinic for the Salem area, owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. The Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) clinic was constructed in a building with neighboring tenants occupying the second floor, and our teams successfully maintained their functionality throughout construction.

The project included new exam rooms, a welcoming reception area, childcare space, and counseling rooms. To complete this work, construction teams completed soft demolition, interior wall construction, flooring and paint, and a new pharmacy space. Additional work included reconfigured zoning for the mechanical system to maximize existing rooftop units. The project also included an extensive security system with special attention to the pharmacy and entrance/exit.

Particular care was taken to work with all of the regulatory agencies that oversee clinics such as these. They include:

  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
  • United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Our construction teams have worked on several projects for the tribes over the last few years and continue to provide pricing feedback for future projects.

Perlo teams self-performed the following scopes:

  • Soft demolition
  • Concrete pour back
  • Miscellaneous accessories installation
  • Doors, frames, and hardware installation

Of these projects, Project Manager Taylor Regier noted,

“The services these clinics provide to the communities around them are critical. With the restrictions on zoning for where these can be placed in relation to neighborhood schools and daycares, the tribe has spent a significant amount of time picking their locations and putting thought into how best to serve the community with each one.”   

Perlo Team

Taylor Regier | Project Manager

Christian Rohr | Superintendent

Kayla Davis | APM

Special Project Group Roof Repair & Awning Collapse Projects

The Winter Storm of February 2021 rocked the Portland Metro area, knocking down trees and cutting off power to tens of thousands of residents for a week or more. The accumulation of snow wreaked havoc on many residential and commercial buildings as the snow load stressed building members beyond their limits.

Our Special Projects Group is available 24/7 for emergencies of this nature. Our trusted group of engineering consultants and subcontractors help us to move quickly, efficiently, and safely in instances such as these. Perlo was called upon to help repair many businesses across the region, engaging in temporary shoring and protection measures to minimize damage and prevent further collapse, as well as rebuilding efforts to make these structures whole.

Here’s a snapshot of the work we completed to restore these snow-laden buildings back to full occupancy:

Les Schwab, Powell Boulevard

The existing roof collapsed over the service bay. To repair and re-construct this building, our teams installed CMU bracing on the rear wall to stabilize the building and remove all damaged materials. We then built a new shear wall to stabilize the showroom, which allowed Les Schwab to re-open and resume operations at about 30% capacity. Temporary power was pulled from the alignment bay building next door to power the showroom, as the damage cut the power to this area. PGE has now provided temporary service so that both buildings can be operating at full capacity.

Due to lead times of materials, the team re-designed the structure for wood trusses in lieu of steel trusses. Perlo is currently leading the coordination of the design and permitting processes in conjunction with architects at Mackenzie to get approval for the rebuild. This project is still underway at this time.

Project Manager, Caitlin Nault, said that, ”the local teams and design team, as well as the corporate Les Schwab teams, have all been really engaged and helpful in moving this project forward.”

Perlo Team

Caitlin Nault, Project Manager
Bryan Esler, Superintendent
Tyler Broderick, Foreman
Kathy Ohannessian, APM

Les Schwab, Sandy Boulevard

Existing building leaks combined with the snowstorm compromised the back wall of the alignment bay, spurring our teams to install shoring for temporary safety. Along with VLMK Engineering + Design, a new replacement structure was designed and installed to replace the facility’s roof joists and rear wall. Additionally, the entire building was re-roofed as part of this effort. Les Schwab was able to remain operational for the duration of construction.

Perlo Team

Caitlin Nault, Project Manager
Bryan Esler, Superintendent
Kathy Ohannessian, APM

Les Schwab, Clackamas

The awning at this facility collapsed under the snow load. Perlo removed the damaged structure, furnished and installed a new awning, repaired paint to match existing, updated the signage anchorage, and re-installed the building signage.

Perlo Team

Caitlin Nault, Project Manager
Tyler Broderick, Foreman
Kathy Ohannessian, APM

Gresham Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Roof Repair

With significant damage to their existing building, our teams mobilized in response to more than 11,000 SF of collapsed roof structure. Initial work included safely removing the collapsed structure, fixing damaged Repair Shop equipment and finishes, as well as building a new temporary shear wall and connecting temporary power so that the building could be partially re-opened for business.

Designs took place and construction began to rebuild the removed building sections with new wood trusses, built-up roofing, rebuilding the electrical room, compressor room and tool room. The scope included all new electrical, air and oil distribution, a new vehicle exhaust system, epoxy floor coating, Service Write-up Area finishes, and power to new lifts.

Perlo Team

Kathleen Buono, Senior Project Manager
Steve Dusenberry, Superintendent
Darrell March, Superintendent
Kayla Davis, APM

NWIC Building 1

Built in 1967 with cantilevered glulam beams, the snow load caused one (1) curved glulam beam to fail. Earthquake strapping prevented complete failure and further damage. With significant electrical conduit and fire sprinkler piping running underneath the glulam beam, options to repair were not simple. With help from Mackenzie., an approach utilizing sections of steel channel spliced together once in place was developed.

This method required steel fabrication with curved steel to match the beam, jacking the broken section of the glulam beam into place and securing it with lag screws to act as blocking for the steel channels. A 25’ x 25’ section of roofing was replaced at the broken glulam section and tied into the existing to seal up the envelope.

Perlo Team

Russell Emmerson, Project Manager
Ray Caswell, Superintendent
Kayla Davis, APM

GrayBar Roof Collapse

This project consisted of the replacement of approximately 5,000 SF of the roof structure and associated lighting and roofing due to collapse under the snow load. Additionally, one (1) column and footing were found to have settled significantly under the weight of the snow.

Perlo Team

Nick David, Project Manager
Tracy Robinson, Superintendent – demo
Mark Helling, Superintendent – construction
Brooke Hazel, APM

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for next week, when we look back at more of our completed in 2021 projects!