Kin Properties
A major renovation and seismic upgrade revitalizes a storm-damaged warehouse in NW Portland's Guilds Lake Industrial area.
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Architect: Pillar Consulting Group
  • Owner: Kin Properties

Located in NW Portland, Perlo was brought on to repair the roof after a large middle section collapsed in an ice storm. During the team’s initial walk-through and site observation, it became apparent that the entire roof structure would need to be replaced. Furthermore, it was discovered that the team would not be able to change the building’s size, shape, or height without complying with the current restrictive planning regulations.

Eventually, through our partnership with Kin, the project evolved into a major building renovation, with complete replacement of the roof structure, fire sprinkler system, and electrical systems. The scope evolved to include the replacement of a brick façade with modern metal panels, a new paint scheme, and all new doors and windows throughout.

A major challenge in this project was the building’s existing concrete floor. Either the initial construction or 60 years of settlement caused an elevation difference of 16” across the building slab. Each new column for the new Glulam roof structure needed to be field measured and custom-built to ensure proper slope for drainage. The end result is a building renovated to current seismic and energy codes with some of the vintage charm of the Guilds Lake Industrial area.