Green strategies are good for the planet – and good for our clients’ bottom lines. We are experienced in the latest sustainable building practices, including Living Building Challenge, LEED and Energy Star.

Mahlum Architects’ newly renovated space utilizes a variety of sustainable materials.
Building for the future.

A focus on sustainability is woven into all Perlo projects. In fact, we recently became the first builder in Oregon to construct a project that meets the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge.

On this project specifically, Perlo helped Mahlum Architects earn the “materials petal,” the part of the challenge that demonstrates a low-carbon and low-impact footprint in terms of sourcing building materials. The Perlo and Mahlum teams carefully vetted over 350 products and materials to ensure all of them met the health and green standards the Living Building Challenge requires. In addition, Perlo enforced the processes necessary to recycle almost 95% of waste materials generated onsite during construction.

“Perlo did such a great job on our office remodel and it was evident how committed they all were to make it a successful project for us. We look forward to working together again!”

Beth Brett AIA LEED AP, Associate Principal
Mahlum Architects Inc.

Solar panel installation at ACME Construction Supply Co.
Sustainability saves.

If you want a building that can withstand the test of time, maximize resources and save on overall costs, you want to build with sustainability at the top of mind. We will work with all team members to develop a matrix of efficient building strategies that balance costs and energy-efficient outcomes. From something as simple as LED lights to complex photovoltaic panels or wind-powered light fixtures, we’ll walk you through sustainability practices and the savings you can recoup over the life cycle of a building.

Investing in sustainability upfront means cost savings in the future. During preconstruction we’ll carefully assess the types of materials ordered and double check all measurements to minimize waste. On the job site, we recycle and reuse materials wherever possible. In addition, we implement lean procedures for material delivery to reduce onsite storage needs.

Walk the talk.

Internally, we work every day to be intentional about sustainability with green business practices and programs. 

We have multiple LEED accredited professionals on staff and regularly engage as a company in philanthropic efforts through our Perlo Cares program as well as an internal committee focused on our environmental impact. Our office also utilizes 100% wind energy, has active recycling programs, and utilizes paperless systems. We always welcome new ideas from our team to help reduce waste and improve the work environment.

As a company, we are committed to doing our part and helping our clients understand the benefits of a more sustainable project from start to finish and beyond.