Green strategies are good for the planet – and good for our clients’ bottom lines. We’re well versed in the latest sustainable building practices including Energy Star, LEED, Living Building Challenge, and others.

Building for the future.
A “living roof” is one of the many sustainable features we can build for clients.

A focus on sustainability is woven into all Perlo projects. In fact, we recently became the first builder in Oregon to construct a project that meets the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge.

As part of our project collaboration, we’ll walk you through savings you can recoup over the life cycle of a building. Although many sustainable measures require an upfront investment, often these efficiencies will pay for themselves over a period of time. During preconstruction we’ll carefully assess the types of materials ordered and double check all measurements to minimize waste. On the job site, we recycle and reuse materials wherever possible. In addition, we implement lean procedures for material delivery to reduce onsite storage needs.

A proactive process.

We frequently work with clients who are interested in constructing energy-saving buildings with sustainable certifications. Through the process, we’ll work closely with all players, including architects and engineers to develop a matrix of proactive and efficient building strategies that balance costs and energy-efficient outcomes. We’ll also help identify third-party resources to bring in state-of-the-art elements such as photovoltaic panels or windmills to streamline ongoing costs.

Internally, we’re working every day to make all our processes more efficient and sustainable. We’ve moved primarily to paperless communications and filing systems, significantly reducing paper waste.